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Coastal Getaway, Days 1-3

July 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Potpourri

I’m on vacation. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of my recollection of the events occurring on this trip, but my two companions will probably definitely fill you in on the details of anything I may have misremembered or completely fabricated. They will also definitely vouch for the fact that I’ve been happy and calm, and have given very little of a damn about anything other than them. This is how road-trippin’ ought to be.

Saturday, right around noon, I climbed into a car with two of my favorite people and we all headed south. We stopped in Austin, exchanged bags for good laughs at my cousin’s house, and then went downtown to see Spoon at Stubb’s. Before the show we plied ourselves with alkyhall and smoked animal flesh, which was awesome at the time, but not so awesome once we were standing out in the heat trying to be comfortable enough to enjoy a really awesome band. However, music knows it is and always will be one of the things that life just won’t quit. These guys are definitely some of music’s pioneers, and I wish I had discovered them long ago. Luckily, time will not allow us to forget them.

After the show, Daniel was gracious enough to drive our tired, cranky asses back to my cousin’s house in Puh-floogerville where we continued being tired and cranky long enough knock a little bit of the day out of our hair and crash. We slept so well that B had dreams about me farting. Since I don’t fart, it’s obvious she was sleeping deeply enough to have very vivid, very imaginative dreams.

We woke up to coffee with a cousin, then schlepped down to the original Kerbey Lane Cafe. I had Steak & Eggs. The former was OK, but definitely not medium rare. The latter (as well as the rest of the meal) was delicious, especially the mimosas.

I’m sorry to have to inform you of this, because I know it may be a very depressing thing for you to realize, but my family is the best goddamn family in the world. All of it. It’s easier if you just accept that and then join us when you can rather than moping about it or debating it.

After brunch we hugged our cousin and said goodbye to our friends then continued south past New Braunfels and San Antonio. We stopped at an outlet mall seeking shorts, hats, and aqua-socks, but only found the shorts. By the time we reached Rockport, we were a little hangry, so we let off some steam by banging on various crustaceans with wooden hammers at The Boiling Pot. The only survivors of our wrath were eight little slices of sausage and two brave little shrimp. The others (including some crabs, potatoes, and a few ears of corn) never had a chance.

Boiling Pot Survivors

After dinner we back-tracked to Corpus Christi and ran smack dab into a circus train full of elephants and horses. No shit, the brothers Ringling were just chillin’ under a bridge and we stumbled upon them.

Back to the hotel for sleeping, and then attempted early morning photoing. Much better Steak & Eggs at some beach cafe, didn’t catch the name. Sara Lee coffee is way better than Folgers. I forgot to take a picture of the sign that said “If you happen to pass by my place, I’d appreciate it.”

Sushi for lunch in Corpus, then successful hat-buying and beach frolicking. Frolicking burned up all the fish, so we had some unexpectedly eclectic Mediterranean fare at Sultan’s, again in Corpus. Our server was from Laramie, Wyoming, and very friendly. Perhaps a little too friendly. He talked me out of what I wanted to order, but the Mediterranean Meatloaf ended up being delicious. B had a lemon-meringue tart with berries and whatnot. The coffee was good, but no Sara Lee.

Stuffed with chick peas and tender meat, we headed to the Fulton Mansion for some creepy night photos. Not enough light to take even shitty video, but there were kitties. Black ones. I didn’t see any mice, but there was a cool little toad that narrowly escaped squishy death from a branch that fell out of a very tall palm tree.

I’m enjoying the hell out of observing B & D while they photograph various local attractions and oddities. I’ve left the still photography to them, but I’ve been documenting snippets of the adventure with D’s camcorder. I plan to make a very boring movie and subject you all to it over and over again. There will also be a director’s cut with some B-roll, second unit, and stock footage. I also hope that once the three of us weed through all the crap we can pool our resources and do some multimedia documentarianification. I hope that toad sees the light of day.

I haven’t seen any ducks, but I saw a few pipers, a roadrunner or two, and a shitload of gulls. I’m sure we’ll run into a lot more of those maritime skyrats than we care to before we head home Thursday.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to see a big ass tree then continue up the coastline. We’ll stop if we find anything cool, but the next big destination is Galveston. I haven’t been since Ike, so I’m excited to see what’s old and what’s new. We’re spending the next two nights free-loading at family homes in Crystal Beach.

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