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I Always Have Something In My Eye

August 15th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

What did the Goldsteins say when their homework crossed the street?

Our dog ate it.

Yesterday was not fun. When the worst was over I poured two glasses of wine, and we toasted both of our sweet little rats, as Grace likes to call them. B had to remind me to clink the glasses, which is further proof that I usually just like to hear myself talk. We had to have a little fun, of course, and that’s what cheesecake and movies are for.

Sometimes it feels like all I can make are messes, noises, and eye-water. But all three have to come from somwhere, and if that somewhere is me, then at least I’m not the only one.

Today we’ve had eggs, sandwiches and naps. For dinner, we’re having our favorites. I’d rather be at the beach, or at least some place where it’s OK to make those noises and messes as long as there’s a blender involved.

If I don’t steal my wife’s jokes occasionally, people will miss all the really good ones. When we agreed today that we don’t ever want fish as pets again, her wisdom shone through the black clouds in our living room: “Because fish death is just, whatever.”

Those glasses of wine from last night are still sitting on the coffee table, minus about 4 sips. And we’re having tilapia for dinner. With Coke and pina coladas. I’m not sure what she’ll be drinking, but I’ll be you a Dr Pepper it’ll have real sugar in it.

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