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Middle brained

September 9th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Potpourri

I struggle with reading, but I have no problem writing. I’m very good at listening, but my hearing isn’t all that great. My eyes are a little weak, but I always see the light. I’m a cat person, but I’m in love with a puppy. I learn very slowly, but my teaching style is fast and productive. I have great taste, but I look like a hot mess most of the time. My desk is too big, but has more crap on it than it can hold. My desktop computer is warrantied until 2011, but I still haven’t scheduled the Geniuses to fix that magenta line spanning the right side of the display. The big project I’m doing for a client is 90% done, but I could still bill for about three times as many hours as I’ve already been paid.

I excel at creatively working myself out of a job.

Every time I get really passionate about a tangible personal goal, something completely opposite presents itself as a lucrative opportunity.

I can help people, legitimately, and make a decent living doing it. Supposedly, I could have a lot of this sorted out in a little less than four months if I straighten up and devote two hours a day to focusing on the minutiae of strategy and content creation. This is currently my biggest aspiration, and the fact that I’ve spent real money to join a group of people with common goals should help prevent me from letting it all go by the wayside for some silly science experiment with little promise of providing anyone but myself any joy.

I like joy.

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