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Addicted To Thought

September 14th, 2009 · No Comments · Potpourri

I have three addictions. One of them, nicotine, will go away some day, but I’m not too concerned with the when or how. It is, contrary to what most might wish or think, the least important of my three addictions.

The second addiction is fried mozzarella sticks. When they’re available, they have complete control over me. This problem is somewhat tempered by the fact that if I find a particular establishment’s fare to be sub-par, my ability to choose another dish is greatly augmented. However, in moments of weakness, I will choose objectively bad cheese sticks over good steak. I’m not certain this particular addiction will ever go away. Why should it? Fried cheese is quite possibly the savior that will usher in the next era of peace. The vegans, being a mostly understanding minority, will either make dietary exceptions or at least toast the idea of finding common ground among the Jews, Palestinian, veg, non-veg, Kirk, Picard, Orthodox, Protestant, etc.

My real addiction — the one that should be most alarming to my caretakers — is one that I can do absolutely nothing to curb. It will be with me until the day I die. By the way, when that happens, I need witnesses to make sure traffic gets fucked up in at least 3 counties for the procession. I don’t exactly adore cops, but one service I don’t mind my tax dollars generating is fucking up traffic for dead people.

I like thinking. I love it. I don’t get bogged down by it like a lot of half-assed bloggers out there. I don’t question it, and I make no fishy lament about how it keeps be from getting anything done. To be completely honest, it is the only thing I do well. All of my other talents are just blind applications of that very basic ingenuity.

A beautiful mind? Probably not. But it’s really damn comfortable in here, and I ain’t leavin’.

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