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Keeping Your WIP to Yourself

November 11th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Daily

Most people have a series of good ideas in varying frequencies. Some of us tend to think that most of our ideas are great ones and announce them all to the world. Blogs give the more gregarious of us the ability to elaborate on them at length. Twitter and FaceBook let us spit them out in rapid succession. For those who consistently go beyond mere idea generation and actually take action on a significant number of ideas, these tools are informative and exciting to all.

But they backfire on people whose timing is off. A good handful of us tend to come up with these ideas, broadcast our intentions via the internets and then sit on them for a while. Our friends comment on them, and the hesitant idea machines allow those responses to affect, usually to the detriment of said idea’s completion, their approach to getting it done.

A few months ago I mentioned selling off most or all of my musical equipment and starting from scratch. This was a good idea, and I should have done it. There isn’t a single piece of significantly valuable equipment I own that is in any way sacred to me. I could live without it all, and from a practical standpoint I already do. A good friend joked about how it would decrease my status as a rock star if I reduced my gear so drastically.

So I’m blaming my failure to actually do it on him. I doubt he’ll mind.

I have to stop announcing my plans to everyone. I need to just DO STUFF.

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