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Fifteen Complicated Things Everyone Should Do Without Seeking To

March 5th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

  • Develop an addiction and defeat it with the help of someone you love.
  • Disagree with a physician’s diagnosis or prescription and realize that such an event should not happen most times you visit a physician.
  • Watch a wealthy person confidently walk away without looking back after pressing the “auto-close” button on a door or hatch to their luxury car.
  • Judge said wealthy person harshly until they’re out of your sight.
  • Realize you might be a little jealous as they’ve left your sight and the door is still in the process of closing.
  • Notice a grammatical error while you’re typing it and remember by the time you’re through that it isn’t an error but a matter of style.
  • Leave that “error” because it’s how you write, and possibly how you speak.
  • Look back over your writing and notice another such usage mistake that you should have caught while writing it.
  • Leave that one, too.
  • Obsess over a well-known book to such a degree that some friends get sick of you talking about it.
  • Use “my dog ate it” as an honest and truthful explanation for why something turned out the way it did.
  • Correct a friend’s grammar.
  • Years later, remember correcting that friend’s grammar and call them to say you’re sorry you were such an asshole years ago.
  • Take a job you don’t enjoy because you need the money.
  • Enjoy some tiny aspect of that job enough to stick around longer than you originally intended.
  • Know the following: When to use numerals, when to spell out the numbers, and when to correct a friend’s seemingly incorrect count of an enumerated list.
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