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They can’t get the best of you unless you let ’em

March 25th, 2010 · 31 Comments · Potpourri

I wrote a new “Hire Me To Manage Your IT” craigslist ad. It was (if I do say so myself) beautiful. Honest, respectful, and up-front. Anybody could read it and know that I could help them out, without getting the sense that I felt they had to. Fees and expectations were expressed, along with my personality and genuine desire to benefit each other efficiently.

I hit submit, accepted the Terms of Service, and followed through to the verification page that uses a captcha-type image system to make sure I’m a human. I typed it as read. Hit submit again. Got the email to, yet again, verify that I exist in corporeal form by clicking a link. Success!

The posting did not appear on CL. I hadn’t copied the text I had written directly into the CL web form, so I couldn’t immediately resubmit it.

An hour has passed. Still not there, and the list of active postings in my CL account is still empty.

I can remember the two-word phrase the captcha-style verification form asked me to type. I can remember how good it felt to write that posting, hoping that it would make a few people smile, even if nobody ever responded. Even if someone did respond, but it never amounted to anything, billing-wise. I just can’t remember enough of it to recreate the posting. Oh, I’ll redo it, and keep a copy before I submit it. But it won’t be the same.

That two-word phrase I duplicated, like a one-off Gutenberg, meant to prove I’m worthy of displaying my offerings?

“piddled peace-”

I’m still smiling.

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