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Once more into the breyotch

April 17th, 2010 · 30 Comments · Potpourri

About three weeks from some indeterminable moment today, I will probably become a morning person again. In the spirit of transparency, this means I plan to smoke my proverbial (if not actual) last cigarette later today.

It’s time for some major changes in lifestyle. Or at least one. There are a few employment options I’ve been weighing, and if I choose any of them, the ability to wake up without needing to crawl out from the quicksand of nicotine dependency will greatly improve my desire to get her done.

I have many things to look forward to in this regard. Since the advantages of being a non-smoker are widely known, I won’t go into all the pollyanna platitudes a lot of transitional quitters tend to puke upon their friends. Also, since I’m merely documenting and not preaching any sort of revolutionary call to arms, I will focus on the ways this will help us out financially:

  • Somewhere around one hundred eighty extra dollars in our bank account each month. A little more than twice that if and when my beloved kicks the craving to the curb.
  • Increased mental bandwidth for seeking more favorable wages.
  • The aforementioned ability to attack the workday earlier so that I can finish it more quickly.
  • The goal itself: A better job. I could try to quantify this, but why bother? Any extra income would be tons better than my current predicament, especially if I were to calculate what I’m making based on salary over hours worked. That’s probably why I won’t quantify this right now. Doing so would depress me further. I don’t need that added mental hurdle.
  • Better ability to utilize the otherwise wasted time and energy on selling all the valuable junk we have stacked about the corners of our home.
  • Increased ability to engineer our exit strategy from the quagmire of debt that 2009’s adventures in underemployment left us.

Add all those non-numbers up, and I think it’s pleasantly probable I will once again be a mental millionaire this year. I’m so motivated now that I think I’ll go get that butt in gear right this instant.

It should be noted that iTunes shuffled up Oingo Boingo’s “Nasty Habits” just as I finished this writing.

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